3 Medical Reasons to See a Children’s Dentist

Your child’s teeth are important for their health and wellbeing, from chewing and speaking to portraying a beautiful smile for self-confidence. Caring for this aspect of your child’s health is vital, but it goes beyond just having a pretty smile. Regular visits to a children’s dentist can help protect your child’s smile, and overall health. There are also excellent medical reasons to keep up with your child’s oral health care. Here are three medical reasons to see a children’s dentist on a regular basis to protect your child’s smile and health.

    1. Proper tooth and bite formation. Monitoring tooth growth is crucial when your child’s primary and permanent teeth are coming in. Catching issues early can help ensure the proper treatments are performed to alleviate impacted or misaligned teeth that can affect their bite and chewing function. Choosing a children’s dentist that has specialized training in this area can ensure your child gets the care they need to obtain a healthy smile.


    1. Health conditions. If your child has certain health conditions, using a children’s dentist for their oral care has its benefits. Children with respiratory, heart, blood disorders or developmental disabilities may need special care during their dental visits and treatments that is best handled by a specialist in pediatric dentistry. You want the best care for your child’s health, and their oral health ties in with their other health concerns.


  1. Tooth injuries. Dental emergencies in children are common and can have medical implications. If your child knocks out a tooth or has other injuries to their teeth, gums or jaw, it is important to see a children’s dentist that has the experience and education needed for their medical care. A lost or broken tooth from injury can impact the growth of other teeth and may require spacers, or other treatments, to promote normal tooth growth and bite alignment.


Houston Children’s Dentist for Medical Care

At Kids 4Ever Pediatric Dentistry, your child’s health and smile is our top priority. We specialize in caring for children’s oral health, both proactively preventing common dental issues and treating oral health issues. We welcome kids of all ages and with various oral health and medical needs at our office in Houston. Call us today to schedule your child’s next checkup and cleaning with our children’s dentist for the best dental and medical care for their growing smile.

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