Dealing With Dental Anxiety In Children For Better Oral Care.

Dental anxiety is a significant issue affecting many children worldwide, and it hinders proper oral care. Dental anxiety is often associated with increased heart rate, excessive sweating, and restlessness. It is important to understand how this affects your child to help understand what you can do to help your child deal with their dental anxiety.

Finding The Root Cause:

To treat anxiety effectively, you need to know what’s bugging your kid. It can be the fear of needles, a dental drill, dental pain, or embarrassment. However, it’s quite tricky for young children to address their phobias adequately. Hence, parents will need to do some digging. You can start by creating a list of common phobias and then asking your child about them one by one.

Knowledge is a great associate:

If you conclude that your kid most likely hates everything about dentistry, arm yourself with knowledge. Often, such phobias are fueled by incomplete or inadequate knowledge about a procedure. Thus, it’s better to tell your child what to anticipate during a dental checkup. You can also talk to them about sensations to expect during an appointment. For example, you can tell them about the sounds they are likely to hear or the intensity of pain they will experience.

Most importantly, your child should know why a dental visit is essential. Educate them about potential oral problems and how the dentist can help them deal with the issues efficiently.

Relaxing Exercises:

Teach your child some relaxing exercises. For example, teach them to take deep breaths while closing their eyes to help induce relief and reduce negativity in the brain. Music can also help, as soothing music will calm down your child before a dental checkup. A calm mind will greatly reduce the body’s response ( increased sweating or heartbeat) to fear and anxiety. Furthermore, it can also help curb negative emotions and allow your child to have a more rational approach towards the upcoming appointment.

Positive Reinforcement:

Award your child for being “brave.” Such rewards will leave an everlasting effect on your child’s attitude towards fear and anxiety. However, bribing your child is not the best step forward, so your reward and the reason behind it should be well thought. For example, instead of giving money for not making a fuss, you can give them a small gift like baseball cards for facing their fears with determination and bravery.

Find The Right Dentist For Your Child:

A friendly dentist with a welcoming smile will help ward off any dental anxiety. Professional pediatric dentists like Kids 4Ever Pediatric Dentistry makes sure your child is comfortable and well aware of the procedure. We treat your child and their concerns gently, professionally, and with empathy. Our main goal is to make sure every child that leaves the office feels relaxed, well aware, and with a great experience.


To make sure your child enjoys optimum oral health care, you must address dental anxiety correctly. For more information and help, you can call us at 832-300-8444.

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