A Gap in Your Child’s Teeth – Here’s What You Should Know

A gap in your child’s teeth can cause personality issues because it deviates attention to that flaw. It is every person’s right to have a perfect smile. Read on to know more about it, the reason for its appearance, along with restoration plan.

The Gap In The Teeth – Diastema

The space in your child’s teeth is scientifically termed diastema, and it can be present anywhere along the jawline but most commonly is found between the front two incisor teeth. This condition is seen in both children as well as adults.

Usually, it emerges in children of age 5 years or under. This gap may reduce or close itself by ages 8 or 10. However, if permanent ones have already come out and the gap is still present between the teeth, it will most likely stay that way.

What Causes Gap in the Teeth?

There are multiple reasons why the gap in teeth occurs; some of them are mentioned below:

1. Frenum Folding

A frenum is your skin folding that attaches the upper lip to the gum line. If the frenum is situated lower than it should, a gap will occur.

2. Genes

Genes determine teeth size. If it is smaller in comparison to the jaw bone, they will surely have gaps in between them.

3. Thumb Sucking

Usually, the children who suck their thumbs put pressure on the front jaw, causing the teeth to move forward.

4. Tongue Thrust

This condition may appear in adults during the latter years because of incorrect swallowing patterns; the tongue pushes front incisors forward, creating a gap.

5. Missing Tooth

Some children or even adults may lose a tooth at birth or because of a trauma, making a big space in the teeth.

6. Gum Diseases

Gum disease inflames the tissues which support the teeth, causing a gap in between. Moreover, this issue may lead to tooth loss as well, leaving spaces behind.

How to Deal With a Gap in the Teeth?

Usually, people leave it until their child grows up since it is more of a cosmetic issue. But, if the gap in your teeth is because of gum disease, your dentist will give multiple options for fixing them.


The brackets and wires put pressure on the teeth closing the gap.

Veneers or Bonding

Bonding or veneers are a good option if you do not feel like using braces. The dentist uses a resinous material similar to the tooth color for filling in the void.

Surgery for Frenum

Removing extra tissues helps in decreasing the space. However, if the gap is big, you might require braces along with it.


A gap in your child’s teeth may not seem like an issue to fret on, but it has a huge impact on an individual’s development and self-confidence. Dentists at Kids 4ever Pediatric Dentistry will restore your child’s precious smile. Call now at 832 300 8444 Houston TX for information.

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