Are You Worried about Crooked Baby Tooth?

A crooked baby tooth is a condition every parent fears for his/her baby. Once a parent spots a slanted baby tooth, they immediately set an appointment with an orthodontist and ponder over getting their baby a treatment as soon as possible. Because if baby teeth are not aligned, there is a possibility that the permanent would also grow crooked.

Causes of a Crooked Baby Tooth

Crooked front teeth, twisted teeth, or crowded teeth, all can be due to multiple reasons. Some of the reasons may be prevented, whereas others are unavoidable. Following are a few of them:

Hereditary Reasons

Hereditary elements are just one of the reasons for your child suddenly having a crooked baby tooth. One parent may have huge teeth, and the other may have a small jaw. Therefore, just a combination of both factors can lead to the hereditary possibility of crookedness.

Sucking of Thumb

Misalignment of the teeth can result from placing fingers into the mouth or sucking thumb. Sucking the thumb puts pressure on both the upper and lower teeth and causes stuffing in the mouth. Less regularly, a packed mouth can result from additional teeth, as well.

Tight Arrangement

A tight arrangement of teeth can, too, result in a crooked baby tooth. Naturally, it prompts congestion in the mouth when the rest of the teeth rise. The congestion or tight arrangement of the teeth frequently results in a slanted baby tooth.

It is sure not strange to see parents worrying if their baby’s tooth is coming out all slanted or crooked. However, instead of just stressing, remind yourself that dentists can easily fix it so your child may have perfectly aligned permanent teeth and may enjoy a beautiful smile. For quick alignment of teeth visit Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry or call us on 832-300-8444.

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