Big Front Teeth: What Causes Them?

Growing kids seem adorable to many. However, parents of young kids feel extra conscious about their kids and their growth. One of the concerns is their teeth. Sometimes parents feel that their kids’ teeth appear too large when they open their mouths. If a child has a smaller jaw; it may result in his/her teeth look longer. But it should be known that many children have big front teeth, and their kids are not the only ones.

Buck Teeth

Buck’s teeth are large front teeth that appear from under the upper lip and may cover the lower lip partially. Normally two front teeth grow longer than the other teeth and become prominent enough for everybody to notice them. The most common effect of long front teeth is an improper bite.

Causes of longer teeth

There can be multiple reasons for the teeth to grow out of proportion. Some of the reasons are stated below:

Tooth Angulation

When children are growing, they may develop a habit of sucking their thumb, or parents may provide pacifiers to soothe them. These habits create pressure and cause the front teeth to grow at an abnormal angle.

Tooth position

When the jaw size of a child is small, and the tooth size is large, the baby teeth will grow in a crowded position. Later, when permanent teeth grow, they will erupt from wherever there is space. If the space for the permanent tooth is small, it may begin to grow at an abnormal angle.


Be at ease for the treatment of the big front teeth is quite possible. So approach a dentist at Kids 4 Ever who will diagnose your kid’s teeth and recommend the course of treatment. Teeth Recontouring is one of the treatments that may include the shaving of the teeth. A sanding device helps to remove any part of the big front teeth coming out. You can also call on 832-300-8444 to book an appointment.

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