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Anesthetics and Loss of Control – Why You Should Not Worry

September 15, 2021

Scared of Passing out on the dentists’ chair? Don’t be. Usually, for regular procedures, they use local anesthetics that work on a specific area. On the other hand, general anesthetics, which work on overall consciousness, are kept for specific procedures. Want to know how long does anesthesia last? First, we shall briefly discuss what anesthesia …

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Drinking Milk Before Bed | Does It Cause Dental Problems?

September 15, 2021

There’s nothing quite like a glass of milk before you head off to bed. For kids, milk can be a healthy, soporific beverage to consume before sleeping, preparing them for yet another big day. But drinking milk before bed may actually harm your child’s teeth in the long term. In this post, we’ll talk about …

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How Long Does Teething Last? The 6 Stages of Teething

August 30, 2021

Your baby getting their first teeth is an exciting moment that parents love to talk about. It’s a tangible milestone in your child’s development that brings them into the world of textures and flavors. But if your child has just started teething, you might be wondering how long the process is going to be, especially …

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How To Reverse Periodontal Disease Naturally | Tips and Tricks

August 15, 2021

The thought of periodontal disease might be scary, especially if you’re noticing a receding gum line. Gum disease can occur and progress without being apparent or noticeable for a long time. However, if you’re looking for how to reverse periodontal disease naturally, it might not be entirely impossible, especially if you catch the early signs. …

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Cavities in Children: How They Form

July 30, 2021

Children are particularly susceptible to cavities, and it may be a surprise to find that even with good oral hygiene, your child might develop one. So it’s one of the most prevalent diseases in children all over the world. Cavities in children can occur even in baby teeth, and you shouldn’t ignore them, even if …

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Can A Pacifier Affect The Formation Of Teeth?: Pediatric Dentistry

June 30, 2021

We all like to give our babies and toddlers a pacifier; it soothes them, helps them sleep, and is a good way to keep them occupied when you’ve got something else to be getting on with! However, you may be asking yourself right now whether or not a pacifier can affect the formation of teeth. …

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Can Children Face Dental Emergencies?

June 15, 2021

As a parent, you’ll undoubtedly want to make sure that your children are safe and protected. Specifically, it’s certainly true that children face dental emergencies sometimes. Additionally, it’s important to be aware of what can happen and how to respond when you find yourself with one of your children in a dental emergency. That’s what …

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Emergency Dental Care for Kids: When Is It An Emergency?

April 30, 2021

It’s important for kids to stay active, but sometimes accidents happen. When there is trauma to the mouth or teeth, emergency dental care for kids is much the same as dealing with any other type of injury: be prepared, act quickly, and seek medical attention. Katy Cypress Oral Surgery is here to help. What is …

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When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out? A Guide for Parents

April 15, 2021

When Do Baby Teeth Fall Out? A Guide for Parents Baby teeth loosen as permanent teeth push upward (or downward), eventually falling out to make room. This starts around age six, but when it’s delayed, many parents worry something is wrong and search the web for “when do baby teeth fall out?” Like all other …

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Preventing Cavities: Dental Sealants for Kids

March 30, 2021

What are dental sealants for kids? They are a thin coating of a safe plastic material that bonds to the tooth’s surface. They are applied to the pre-molars or molars and even recommended by the CDC to help prevent cavities. There are many benefits of dental sealants and we’ve listed five of them below. Are …

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