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What Causes Crooked Teeth in Kids?

February 29, 2020

Having crooked teeth is no big problem. In our family, we may all have had kids with crooked teeth. Kids have a set of 20 milk teeth that later break and at its place new set of 32 teeth erupt. It is with no doubt a dental problem that does scare parents. However, it is …

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Rashes from teething: Causes and Identification

January 15, 2020

Teething is an important milestone for babies and other family members. It is a cause to celebrate and at the same time to go sleepless for a few nights or weeks. However, even with this difficulty, it is a moment that needs to be cherished. On one hand, where your baby is getting ready to …

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Big Front Teeth: What Causes Them?

December 30, 2019

Growing kids seem adorable to many. However, parents of young kids feel extra conscious about their kids and their growth. One of the concerns is their teeth. Sometimes parents feel that their kids’ teeth appear too large when they open their mouths. If a child has a smaller jaw; it may result in his/her teeth …

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When to See an Emergency Pediatric Dentist

November 30, 2019

Children are always ready for one adventure after another. They want to put themselves out in the open and experience as many things as they can. In such a situation, it is common for them to injure themselves in some way. When playing, they can sprain their arms or bump their heads. But this is …

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Does your child need a tooth spacer?

November 15, 2019

As the child grows, baby teeth start to fall, and permanent teeth take their place. However, there might be instances where a child may lose his/ her baby tooth too early, either due to an accident or emergency tooth extraction. If space between teeth increases due to a sudden tooth loss or extraction, a dentist …

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Removing baby teeth

October 30, 2019

The eruption of the first tooth is an essential milestone in a baby’s life. It is a moment of joy for parents and family. Every child’s teeth eruption time may vary, and by the age of two to three, all baby teeth of a child would have come. Baby teeth automatically shed, and adult teeth …

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Does your child have double rows of teeth?

October 15, 2019

Have you ever noticed children having double rows of teeth? This is a possible condition with some kids. The multiple rows of teeth that are grown in kids before they shed off their baby teeth are called shark teeth. This is because sharks have many rows of teeth at a time. This happens when the …

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Are Dental X-Rays Safe for Children?

September 30, 2019

Your children’s teeth grow and change at a rapid rate. X-rays allow dentists to monitor the changes in your child’s mouth before they are visible on the surface. However, some parents feel that x-rays are not necessary and others worry that the radiation exposure is risky for children. Keep reading to learn why we recommend …

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Stainless Steel Vs. Ceramic Crowns for Kids

September 20, 2019

Crowns are a great option for children with missing, damaged, or severely decayed teeth. While most people associate crowns with adults, children can benefit from this treatment as well. Stainless steel and ceramic crowns are both popular choices. But which option is best? Keep reading to learn for yourself. Stainless Steel Crowns Stainless steel crowns …

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Does Your Child Need Dental Sealants?

August 22, 2019

Dental sealants are a great way to keep your child’s mouth healthy. If a dentist has recommended sealants to your child, you might be wondering what exactly sealants are. Keep reading to learn how this dental procedure can help to prevent cavities. What are Sealants? Sealants are protective barriers made of resin that a dentist …

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