Child’s need to visit the Dental Emergency Clinic

Usually, children start losing their primary teeth around the age of six to eight. This time is difficult for both kids and their parents. Several concerns pop up regarding the right age and time. Although it is a natural process, adults have to be careful as kids are small to handle the situation alone. The dental emergency clinic will help, but home remedies can help.

When to visit the dental emergency clinic? 

A child’s smile is essential; it is the most vital blessings for parents. But at times, visiting the dental emergency clinic is required. One such case is if the primary tooth is stuck on the gums, it’s bleeding and giving pain and not coming out. The child has to visit the dentist. Other situations when your child needs to visit the dental emergency clinic are;

  • Due to any reason the permanent teeth of your child cracks or breaks
  • The child is having an intolerable toothache or bleeding in gums, and home remedies are not working out.
  • Many children wear braces and wires, although it’s fixed but can loosen because of the wrong action. Schedule dental appointments as loose wires and braces can cause injury in the mouth.

Oral care and a balanced diet are both necessary

There is an age when the primary teeth fall, if the baby starts losing it prematurely, take dental advice. It can be a typical situation only if permanent teeth are coming up and making their space. Practicing good oral care is always necessary, especially at this time. Ask your child to brush and floss the teeth regularly.

Along with oral care, give the children a healthy and balanced diet. They need a sufficient amount of calcium, phosphorous, vitamins, and minerals for growth and healthy teeth. Calcium strengthens the enamel, so add dairy products in your child’s meal. Dairy is rich in calcium. Phosphorous protects and rebuilds the enamel; therefore, add meat, poultry, fish, and eggs in the child’s diet.

If you have any concerns related to your child’s oral health or feel an urgent need to talk to a dentist, schedule an appointment. The Dental Emergency Clinic at Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry is glad to solve your dental issues. Call us on 832-300-8444.

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