Pediatric Dentist or General Dentist: What’s the Difference?

A dentist is a dentist, right? Not necessarily. All dentists go through four years of dental schooling.A pediatric dentist has a few more year of additional training focused on the oral diseases, treatment and care of children from birth to adulthood. This additional training allows these specialists to recognize and treat oral issues the general practitioner may miss.

More In-Depth Training

There are many excellent general dentists, and they do a stellar job of keeping their patients in good oral health. The pediatric dentist, however, has more in-depth knowledge about the growth and development of children’s teeth and the diseases and conditions that can negatively impact that growth. Whereas general knowledge covers most dental issues, the extra training these specialists receive attunes them specifically to childhood dental issues.

Pediatric Dentists Know Kids

Another aspect of the specialized training pediatric dentists receive is that of working with children. Not all general practitioners are good with all types of children. A specialist has training in this area. Pediatric dentists are taught how to make kids of all personality types feel at ease in the dental chair. They are also taught how to manage challenging situations.

Children can sometimes be tough dental patients. Not only are they very curious, they often have fears about some dental procedures. The pediatric dentist has training in how to allay those fears and put the child at ease. This is important particularly when extensive dental work is required.

At Kids 4 Ever, our pediatric dentists love working with kids. Our office is comforting and definitely kid-friendly. We provide a relaxing and fun atmosphere children enjoy. Give us a call and schedule your child’s next dental visit at Kids 4 Ever.

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