Does getting a filling hurt, and is it necessary?

No matter necessary, but a child hates to spend more time on a dental chair. Though cavity and decay do happen in children, a child never welcomes oral treatment. A filling is necessary in many cases; however, the first point to arise is, does getting a filling hurt? Filling up the cavity is a routine procedure for a dentist and is crucially essential for oral health. It strengthens teeth and does not let them damage.

Why is filling necessary?

The filling has numerous uses. It prevents the spread of bacteria and infections in the teeth, which otherwise would spread. Without the filling, the bacteria would spread and damage the enamel making a hole. The hole will penetrate inside to the inner layers, creating much damage. Therefore, it is wise to stop the spread at the initial stage. The filling will close the hole, give strength to the teeth, and stop the spread of bacteria.

The procedure

During the filling, the dentist will clean the decay and remove the enamel that is damaged. He will leave the healthy enamel and tissues and fill the hollow space in the teeth with a solution. In some time, it will harden to support the teeth. Although getting a filling is a routine procedure and does not hurt much, the dentist uses general anesthesia to make the process comfortable for patients.

Sedation services

A dentist wants to create easiness for all the patients. Numerous sedation services are available to remove the anxiety and fear of the treatment. Usually, the dentist applies a numbing gel on the area. In case, if the patient still feels uncomfortable, nitrous oxide gas or other options are available. Depending on the type of filling, the dentist suggests the sedation level.

Hence, does getting a filling hurt is now out of the question. The dentist at Kids 4 Ever is pleased to welcome your child to treat all dental problems in the most friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Contact us at 832-300-8444 to schedule your appointment.

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