Does your child have double rows of teeth?

Have you ever noticed children having double rows of teeth? This is a possible condition with some kids. The multiple rows of teeth that are grown in kids before they shed off their baby teeth are called shark teeth. This is because sharks have many rows of teeth at a time. This happens when the adult teeth start appearing before the baby teeth become loose.

Should you worry about double shark teeth?

Having double rows of teeth might appear worrisome for parents, but these normally do not need any treatment. These would take the place of baby teeth when those would become loose. Baby teeth start falling at the age of 5 or 6, and permanent teeth take their place. So if your child has double rows of teeth and baby teeth have started falling, you should sit back and relax. Enjoy the exciting experience your kids would share with you when their baby teeth fall.

When should you worry about double rows of teeth?

Normally the double rows of teeth will turn into one within two months. However, if your child’s adult teeth have appeared and baby teeth are also intact even after two months, it means you need to take your child for a dental visit. Furthermore, shark teeth would appear behind lower front teeth. When they start appearing behind the molar, it would create space issues and would need a dentist’s attention. Another concern to be aware of is that shark teeth do not hurt, and if they do, consider for a dental checkup and get the unwanted teeth removed.

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