Does your child need a tooth spacer?

As the child grows, baby teeth start to fall, and permanent teeth take their place. However, there might be instances where a child may lose his/ her baby tooth too early, either due to an accident or emergency tooth extraction. If space between teeth increases due to a sudden tooth loss or extraction, a dentist would suggest a tooth spacer to prevent future problems

Reasons for tooth spacer

A sudden tooth loss would create a space between teeth. Due to increased space teeth beside it would start titling and moving to spaces to fill the gap. The movement of baby teeth would make it difficult for permanent teeth to find proper space to come out. This may make permanent teeth to overcrowd or become crooked. Therefore, if accidentally a baby tooth breaks, it is best to contact a dentist for a space maintainer.

A dental spacer keeps the teeth at their place and guards the space. Dental spacers prevent the teeth from moving to the empty area until the permanent tooth does not take its place. An ignorance in getting tooth spacer fixed would lead to the expensive treatment later when permanent teeth would come out.

How to take care of space maintainer

It is good to take proper care of tooth spacers for better results. Otherwise, despite using a spacer, teeth might not grow straight. The dentist would suggest the following care:

  • Avoid eating sugary food that might get stuck on the spacer
  • Avoid pushing the space with hand or tongue
  • Visit your dentist regularly to adjust the size of a spacer, if needed

Kids 4Ever Pediatric Dentistry can guide your child on how to take care of tooth spacers. The experts will also ensure that your child does not feel irritated wearing the spacer. Therefore, if your child accidentally loses his/her teeth, do not worry and get them tooth spacers so they may enjoy perfect straight permanent teeth when they grow up.

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