Emergency Dental Care for Kids: When Is It An Emergency?

It’s important for kids to stay active, but sometimes accidents happen. When there is trauma to the mouth or teeth, emergency dental care for kids is much the same as dealing with any other type of injury: be prepared, act quickly, and seek medical attention. Katy Cypress Oral Surgery is here to help.

What is a Dental Emergency?

While there are many types of dental emergencies, these are the most common:

  • Toothaches: cavities, tooth fractures, and infection can cause toothaches. Any tooth pain should be checked out. Severe pain or pain and fever can indicate a serious infection and is an emergency!
  • Lost Tooth: if a tooth is knocked out, you need to act quickly. Perform first aid and get dental attention immediately. The same applies for an adult tooth that’s still partially attached, or if the teeth get pushed up into the gums instead of knocked out.
  • Broken teeth: any break is a dental emergency. They can cause pain, infection, and there may be further damage only an x-ray can find.

Contacting a dentist after mouth trauma is vital. Sometimes, like with a toothache, it may not be clear if you should seek emergency dental care for kids. Remember, you can’t see all injuries and underlying structures, but the dentist can. If your child has tooth or mouth troubles, call and get an expert opinion.

How You Can Prepare for Dental Emergencies

Planning allows for quick action. Keep a small dental emergency kit with a cold compress, gauze for applying pressure, and a small container with a cap to transport a tooth. In addition, keep a short instruction card on how to treat dental injuries and transport teeth. Put your dentist’s phone number at the top.

Reducing Anxiety When Emergency Dental Care for Kids is Required

Having an injury requiring medical attention can be stressful for children. If they’re old enough, try distracting them with something to do, like holding the compress against the injured area. When receiving emergency dental care for kids, another way to calm them is to explain the dentist is an expert at repairing teeth, treating injuries, and wants to help. It also helps to explain ahead of time what the dentist might do, such as examine the mouth, gently touch all the teeth, and take x-rays.

Seeking emergency dental care for kids right away is often the difference between keeping or losing a tooth. Your emergency preparedness combined with expert dental care will help ensure a proper course of treatment and faster recovery. For emergency care, call Kids 4 Ever at (832) 300-8444 today.

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