How a Pediatric Dentist Can Help Detect Cancer

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – a time to shine a light on the potentially devastating impacts of cancer on young children. At Kids 4 Ever, we are committed to helping our patients live happy and productive lives, which is why, during the month of September and the rest of the year, your trusted pediatric dentist provides screening for oral and throat cancers.

Pediatric Dentist

A pediatric dentist doesn’t just fix teeth and gums. Your kids’ dentist is responsible for caring for overall oral health, which includes identifying any potential risks that may require a specialist’s treatment. Oral cancers, such as lymphomas and sarcomas, are most common in children. These oral cancers may go unnoticed in the early stages.

When your child attends regular appointments with a pediatric dentist, checking for signs of oral and throat cancers are part of the examination process. Your child will likely attend more regular appointments with a pediatric dentist than the family doctor, so it makes sense the dentist’s chair is where this type of screening would take place.

Oral Cancer Signs

It is important that parents have the information needed to recognize the potential signs and symptoms of oral cancers. If your child develops a lip or mouth sore that doesn’t heal; patches on the gums, tongue or mouth lining; unusual bleeding; pain or numbness in the mouth, it is time to reach out to a pediatric dentist.

Other symptoms of oral or throat cancers include pain in the ears, an altered voice, a constant sore throat or a persistent cough. Be aware that visiting your pediatric dentist when you have concerns about unusual symptoms is not overreacting. While more common childhood cancers receive a lot of media attention, oral cancers are not publicized enough, despite the risk to health they pose. You, the parents, and your pediatric dentist are the first line of defense.

Kids4Ever Commitment

As your trusted pediatric dentist in Houston, Texas, Kids 4Ever is dedicated to providing your toddlers to teens with the most effective dental care in the state. Helping detect oral cancers is one of the most important services we offer at our offices.

If you would like to learn more about the signs of oral cancers, reach out to the offices of Kids 4Ever today. Our team is happy to assist you in any way we can. Your pediatric dentist can also provide oral cancer screening at your child’s next appointment if you have any concerns about existing oral health problems.

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