How long does it take for cavities to form and ways of prevention?

Having a cavity is a serious problem. Initially, a small spot appears due to the loss of minerals from that part of the tooth, enlarging with time. Proper brushing, minerals from the saliva and regular dental checkups can reverse the process. However, if this continues gradually, the enamel destroys forming cavities. So, how long does it take for cavities to form? The process is long and might even take months. But, the good thing is prevention is possible. The bacteria start to act on the food as it enters into our mouth. This release acid that affects the enamel, bacteria mix with food, can cause plaque, leading to tooth decay.

How fluoride helps in preventing cavities 

The enamel can repair itself of the damage that the bacteria cause. However, the repair is only possible if oral cleaning removes plaque and the enamel is regularly in contact with fluoride and calcium. Fluoride is present in many kinds of toothpaste nowadays for added protection. Hence, a proactive approach can stop the spread of bacteria in the initial stages. On the other hand, the bacteria in the mouth start destroying the enamel and create gaps over time. Fillings, root canal, and crowns can fill in the gaps and control the spread.

How long does it take for cavities to form?

Few factors can increase cavity formation in the mouth. If a child has weak enamel, the bacteria will easily damage it, leading to decay. Besides this, poor oral hygiene, high sugar intake, unhealthy diet, and teeth grinding cause decays. A chain smoker’s teeth are much more susceptible to rots than a person who does not smoke. The use of nightguards, keeping proper oral hygiene, and visiting the dentist frequently can control the damage. Negligence will permanently damage the enamel. So, if you feel any problem with your teeth and gums schedule an appointment and come for a checkup.

Dental care routine to follow 

Many of us have a dental care routine that we follow each day. Staying stuck on the act saves the gums and teeth from forming cavities in the long run. Few suggestions that can help in improving the practice are;

  • Regularly brush for 2 minutes twice every day with fluoride toothpaste. It is better to use a toothbrush that has soft bristles to clean all corners of the teeth. An electric toothbrush is also excellent choice— floss at least once daily to remove any stuck particles from within.
  • Use a mouthwash regularly.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water. Avoid sugary drinks and artificial juices. Water is the best, and no beverage can substitute it.

Visit us 

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