How to Manage Your Baby’s Teething Pain

Nearly all babies experience some discomfort while teething. While this discomfort is perfectly natural, it can result in fussiness that can affect both babies and their sleep-deprived parents. Follow these tips to help keep your little one comfortable during this time.

Keep Gums Cool

We all know that specially-designed rings and toys can be helpful for an infant to chew on while teething. These toys can have added benefits when chilled, as a cool teething surface can help to soothe a baby’s aching gums. Try placing teething rings in the refrigerator before giving them to your child. Just be careful not to give your child frozen teething accessories, as these can actually cause damage.

Try a Pain Reliever

If your child is dealing with severe teething pain, you might consider using an over-the-counter medication. Make sure you get a medication specifically designed for babies and ask your dentist or pediatrician to help you determine an appropriate dose. While you may be tempted to use a holistic or herbal remedy, these treatments have not been vetted by the FDA, so we wouldn’t recommend them for infants.

Talk to a Dentist

Your teething baby is not too young to see a dentist! A pediatric dentist will be able to evaluate your child’s emerging teeth and provide you with teething tips designed specifically for your family. Call Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry to make your child’s first dentist appointment today!

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