Hurry to Your Dentist for These Emergency Dental Care Issues

When your child comes in the door with a bloody mouth and a tooth knocked out you know emergency dental care is required. When your child has a swollen jaw and is screaming in pain due to a toothache, you know what you have to do. There are obvious dental emergencies then there are those dental issues that crop up with kids that may not seem like dental emergencies, but they are.

Toothache Pain

When your child’s face is puffy, and he is inconsolable, it is obvious that there may be a serious problem with a tooth. Not so obvious is the problem when a child has intermittent pain and no swelling. Some kids may endure discomfort for a while before complaining; however dental infections and tooth decay are the major cause of this type of pain.

If you child experiences any tooth pain, it is important for you to seek emergency dental care. Left untreated your child could prematurely lose the tooth and the case of primary teeth, an infection could impact the permanent tooth bud.

Seek Emergency Dental Care for a Dislodged Tooth

It isn’t unusual for a child to have a tooth knocked out or dislodged in an accident. Sports, roughhousing, or other circumstances can lead to a tooth being injured. If your child is in such a situation seek emergency dental care. A blow to the jaw can have an impact on the teeth and/or the jaw bone that may not be visible to the eye. Cold compresses will help ease the swelling and pain, however having a dentist assess the situation is critical.

Kids 4 Ever provides emergency dental care for kids of all ages. You can count on us for all your child’s dental needs. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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