Is brushing your teeth once a day sufficient?

Healthy teeth are essential for your overall health. Teeth and gums have to be strong enough to fight against cavity and disease. Oral hygiene is necessary for healthy teeth and gums. However, brushing your teeth once a day is not enough as it gives space to bacterial growth in the mouth. Children often make a fuss about brushing at night before going to bed, but it is essential to train them. A habit developed in childhood stays forever.

Brushing twice a day helps prevent cavities, tooth decay, and gum diseases. It is also essential for a fresh breath. Brushing cleans away the food particles and bacteria that cause oral issues. Brushing twice a day will help avoid damage and diseases to your teeth, and it only requires a few minutes out of your day. Brushing in the morning helps kill any bacteria in your mouth and also freshens you up.

Brushing teeth kills bacteria

However, brushing is vital before going to bed as well. If the mouth is not clean, bacteria will grow and attack the enamel, causing oral damage. The saliva is a natural defense against bacteria. But, its production reduces at night, giving more chances to the spread of bacteria. Usual brushing minimizes the chances of oral problems. In addition, if the bacteria grow, it results in plaque formation.

Over time, plaque hardens and becomes hard, rough, and yellow. It forms tartar that eventually will cause cavities and, in worst situations, teeth loss. Gum disease is also a result of poor oral health. The severity of it ranges. It starts from swollen or bleeding gums and eventually reaches bone loss, resulting in lost teeth. Hence, it is best to brush regularly to stop bacterial growth in the mouth at the beginning stages.

Therefore, brushing teeth once a day is not sufficient. If you feel your child’s teeth need immediate attention, contact the team at Kids 4 Ever. We are a pediatric dentist in Houston, Texas, and we want what’s best for your kids. It is never late to improve your child’s oral hygiene and restore their healthy smile. Contact us today at 832-300-8444 .

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