Is It Necessary to Have Filling in Baby teeth

Seeing your child in distress is difficult for parents. You, as parents, will do anything to relieve your child’s pain. But if the child develops a cavity, is it still necessary to treat it as the teeth will eventually fall off? Is Will filling in baby teeth be mandatory? Let’s explore this and know some important details.

Filling in baby teeth helps permanent teeth

Though primary teeth are for a short time, it is still important to keep them safe. Losing them before time can be bad for permanent teeth. Therefore, if baby teeth have a cavity in them, going to a dentist for a filling is a good idea. The fillings come in a variety, and the parent can choose the one they think is best for the kid.

Primary teeth are important

The adults may think those baby teeth are useless as they fall out. But they are way important than a person may think. Due to primary teeth, children develop different habits of chewing their food properly and speaking with clarity. Baby teeth also let permanent teeth to grow straight. Therefore, untreated cavities may lead to multiple problems if teeth fall out because of them.

Decay spreads to the permanent teeth

If primary teeth are not filled, the decay may spread to the permanent teeth below. This will affect them before they grow. If instead of a filling, the parents wish to extract the tooth, it will make the remaining teeth move from their place. It will also affect other habits, like chewing and speaking.

Extracting a tooth

There can be instances when the primary tooth may become severely affected. The only option left would be to extract it. In such a case, the dentists recommend inserting a space maintainer so that the surrounding teeth do not shift from their place.

It is always good to consult a dentist before making any decision. If your child has developed a cavity and you are unable to decide whether filling in baby teeth is necessary, call Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry on 832-300-8444, and our team will provide you all the necessary details.

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