Mouthwash for kids

Our children are one of the essential things in life; taking care of their oral hygiene is our responsibility. Their smile is unique, and it will only last with proper oral care. Brushing, flossing, rinsing, and routine dental checkups are necessary. However, using mouthwash for kids aid in fighting bad breath and bacteria. Additionally, the mouthwashes in the market are safe, but you can ask the dentist the best choice for you and your child.

Mouthwash is safe, but parents have to monitor their kids when using it. It has to rinse out and not swallowed. Commonly kids should start using it after the age of six. Mouthwash has the right amount of fluoride in it to protect the tooth enamel and make it reliable, for the kid’s high amount is not correct.

Which one to choose?

Kids need alcohol-free mouthwashes. It is light and does not cause burning sensations. Rinsing daily with alcohol-free ones is safe for young gums and teeth. For the kids to love it, mouthwashes are available in different flavors like bubblegum, strawberry, and bright, colorful bottles. Take care that kids do not swallow it, no matter how tasty it is.

One of the good practices to teach kids the use of mouthwash is first to train them using drinking water. Make them practice swishing and spitting water many times for a few days, once you are sure they have learned, then only replace it. But remember kids are kids, they may love the taste and try drinking it, be careful.

Using mouthwash for kids will improve their oral hygiene, but take great care. Besides, other elements, like brushing and dental visits, are also necessary. Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry is glad to solve your dental issues. Our pediatric dentist will personally examine your teeth and gums and treat it. To schedule your appointment, call us on 832-300-8444.

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