My Child’s Crown Fell Out – What Do I Do About It?

A human tooth consists of multiple layers; enamel is the outermost covering protecting the inner, more susceptible ones from external damage-causing factors. As time passes, your child’s teeth will form cavities and decay because of improper oral care or constant wear and tear. In such cases, the dentists advise a protective gear – a dental crown for protection. It fits perfectly on the tooth if fixed properly. However, there is no need to panic if the crown fell out of your child’s mouth. Continue reading to know the reasons for this and what to do next.

We can only stop children so much from candies and gums, so if their crown fell out, it’s most probably due to that. If it has happened because of a sudden jaw impact that made it fall, do not swallow and spit immediately.

If your child swallows, stay calm and call your dentist for immediate help. Dental crowns are made using a non-toxic ceramic material, and they shall easily pass naturally. Here’s what to do in that situation.

My Child’s Crown Fell Out, What Do I Do?

First things first, schedule an appointment with the dentist immediately. If you can’t get a walk in, analyze if the crown is hanging intact or not; here’s what you can do to restore it for the time being.

  • Clean the area where the crown was positioned before it fell out. Give your child sensitive toothpaste for gentle use.
  • Wash the crown, which fell out.
  • Try not to, but if you try attaching the crown yourself, ensure proper placement like a puzzle because a loose fix can cause damage to the neighboring teeth.
  • Ask for a temporary crown as a replacement.

What Made The Dental Crown Fall Off?

It may have happened due to the following reasons:

  1. Improper making and loosely fitted crown – even if it is for permanent use, the crown will probably fall off when fixed because of bad making, chewing, and biting further loosens it leading to a fall.
  2. A dental cement glues the crown on the tooth. Usually, it lasts for a long span; however, not the whole life.
  3. Bruxism often poses uncalled for pressure on the teeth, making the cement wear off causing the crown to lose its grip.

Is Drinking Safe If The Dental Crown Fell Out?

We do not recommend eating with the tooth initially under the crown, and letting edibles touch that area can cause sharp, stinging pain.

Call Your Dentist

The crown will be checked first to see whether there is a need for a new crown or will the old one work. If the old one is not damaged and the tooth has not changed, he won’t change anything. We don’t recommend you reattach the dental crown which fell out from your child’s mouth. Let professionals do their job; if you need help, call the best pediatric dentist at kids 4ever pediatric dentistry at 832 300 8444.

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