Removing baby teeth

The eruption of the first tooth is an essential milestone in a baby’s life. It is a moment of joy for parents and family. Every child’s teeth eruption time may vary, and by the age of two to three, all baby teeth of a child would have come. Baby teeth automatically shed, and adult teeth start appearing at the age of six or seven. However, there are times when removing baby teeth might become necessary for a child’s health.

Reasons for removing baby teeth

Though baby teeth shed with time and do not need removal. But there might be instances where removing baby teeth might become necessary. An accident, severe cavity, tooth decay, trauma, and shark teeth might be some of the causes for concern and may affect adult teeth. Therefore, removing these baby teeth would prove beneficial.

An infection on a baby tooth may be painful for the baby and affect his/her health. An infected might also affect the surrounding teeth and the gums. Therefore, a dentist would advise the parents to remove the tooth to save the child from pain and discomfort. There might be an instance where a child’s teeth break or become cracked. An unrepairable tooth needs extraction so that the child’s health may remain unaffected.

Some children may also form multiple layers of teeth at the back of their first layer that affects speaking and eating. There are called shark teeth. Shark teeth replace the first layer. However, there might be times when these teeth are unable to replace the baby teeth and therefore need removal. When the dentists remove baby teeth, they place a temporary space maintainer to fill the space of a missing tooth.

A dentist will be able to discuss whether removing baby teeth is safe for the child. So if you have any queries, call Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry, and our experts will guide you.

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