Save kids teeth from rotting

Due to COVID-19, the whole world has locked down. All the places, including restaurants, parks, malls, and other entertainment venues, are shut. Social distance is observed by people strictly at home. But staying at home is mostly accompanied by increased appetite. Although this is the time to eat healthy food to boost immunity, kids often don’t always play with the rules. Excessive sugar can cause rotten teeth in kids.

To spend this difficult time at home, parents need to have a specific diet plan for their kids. Avoid massive amounts of sweets and chocolates and replace them with veggies and fruits. The teeth of a kid are essential and need constant care. If once attacked by bacteria and not cleaned, bacteria will produce acid and decay the tooth forming cavities. Hence teeth start to rot.

Avoid rotten teeth in kids

Keeping teeth clean and free from bacteria is vital. Choose toothpaste wisely for kids who have fluoride and teach them to brush twice a day regularly. Stop them from eating anything late at night, especially after they have brushed their teeth. Periodically visit the pediatric dentist and follow guidance to develop a kid’s eating habits, nutritional intake, and routine.

Immediate steps

Before things are out of control and teeth rot, talk to a pediatric dentist and visit them. Explain what your child is facing and take his suggestion. The dentist will diagnose and then prepare a plan accordingly. He will check, take x-rays, and clinical exam, based on which he will suggest the treatment, which might range from fillings to root canal. It is necessary to save your kid’s teeth from rotting.

For the best advice on avoiding rotten teeth in kids, visit Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry. Do not delay if you feel something is wrong with your kid’s teeth. Call us on 832-300-8444 to know further details about rotten teeth and their treatment.

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