Some Important Facts About Your Baby’s Teeth

Do you know how important your baby’s teeth are? Their teeth are the most important for their healthy smile. Here are some facts that you as a parent should know to help your children keep their baby teeth strong and healthy.

Enamel Is Strong But Vulnerable

Although the enamel on our teeth is the hardest substance in our body, it is always under attack by sugars and acids. Ensure your child drinks more water, helping keep their mouth clean of harmful bacteria and acids and will keep their enamel healthy. Also, keep a check on their sugar items and sugar drink intake. Lastly, make sure they are brushing twice a day for at least two minutes every time, and they are flossing once a day.

Baby Teeth And Healthy Bite

Baby teeth are the stepping stones when it comes to the development of a healthy and aligned bite. Make sure your baby doesn’t lose a single baby tooth earlier than usual. Else will lead to misaligned teeth crowding in their mouth, which will eventually cause them to have bite problems.

Keep A Check On Their Nutrition Intake

Having a proper meal and complete nutrition will ensure your child will always have a healthy smile. Whenever they have food, try adding in fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and nutrients. Food that is high in fiber keeps the teeth clean from debris and sugars. You can also try adding magnesium and calcium to your child’s diet. This will benefit them by strengthening the enamel of their teeth.

Baby’s Can Lose Their Baby Teeth Early

Baby teeth usually start falling between the age of six and twelve. But if your child loses their tooth at an early age, make sure you immediately visit your pediatric dentist, who will appropriate actions to stop teeth crowding.

If you are looking to learn more about your child’s teeth and how to ensure they have a healthy smile when they grow up, you need to act now. Visit Kids 4Ever Pediatric Dentistry, and our pediatric dentist will be able to assist you on how to move forward. You can call us at 832-300-8444 for future inquiries.

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