Teaching Oral Hygiene for Kids

Anyone with children will tell you kids will make every effort to help you maintain your youth. Blame it on the candy or the toys or the animated movies, but having children encourages you to revisit the inner kid we all have inside of us. However, while everything is fun and games for a little while, we also have to make time to help them become responsible adults. Once the candy has been eaten and the toys put away and the movie credits start to roll, we have to ensure our children are able to make good choices going forward. Teaching oral hygiene for kids is no exception!

When to Begin Discussing Oral Hygiene for Kids

Many wonder and often ask when they should begin discussing oral hygiene with their little ones. The obvious answer is when they get their first tooth. While that’s a good milestone to start with, feel free to start earlier. Most children should have an established dentist for their first visit around their first birthday, but you can begin brushing as soon as that first little tooth breaks the surface.

What to Use and How Often

In the beginning, it’s best to use a soft bristled toothbrush in your child’s mouth as their gums are generally sensitive during the teething process. Once more teeth have joined the party, upgrading the bristle strength slightly is okay. It’s important to demonstrate the proper technique so they can repeat it on their own later. After all, they are watching everything we do so it’s best to lead by example. Brush in small circles twice a day making sure to cover each and every tooth both top and bottom before brushing the tongue and the inside of the teeth.

Did you know brushing has a sidekick? It’s true. Flossing is the underestimated, unsung hero of oral hygiene for kids. Using floss regularly helps keep all the candy and fruit chews, and the plaque they cause, from making a home in the teeth. Cavities can be prevented by brushing and flossing regularly. Floss sticks are a popular choice among children as it allows them better grip and navigation, which leads to better oral hygiene for kids in the long run.


If your child is in need of a cleaning or if you’d like help in teaching them positive oral hygiene habits, put down the candy and pause the movie while you reach out to the friendly team at Kids 4Ever Pediatric Dentistry. They’re more than willing to discuss oral hygiene for kids regardless of age, even your inner kid is included.

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