Unique Qualities of a Children’s Dentist

A children’s dentist must have different qualities than a dentist that treats only adults. Children are usually leery of dentists or may even be outright afraid. Some don’t sit still. It’s important for a children’s dentist to be able to bring across the importance of good dental hygiene to kids who may not really pay attention to such things.

Because of all the challenges that a children’s dentist faces, they have to have, at the very least, these 7 qualities:

#1: Concern for Children

The most important quality that a children’s dentist must possess is a concern for children. If they don’t care about children first and foremost, why would they want to be a children’s dentist?

#2: Patient

Children often don’t want to sit still in a dental chair. They can be frightened by the sights and sounds in a dental office. Some don’t want to pay attention or don’t care what a dentist has to say about their dental health. A children’s dentist needs to be patient with their young patients.

#3: Authoritative

When a child doesn’t want to sit, listen or pay attention, a children’s dentist needs to have an authoritative voice. This ensures they do what needs to be done to get through the appointment in a timely manner.

#4: Compassionate

When a child is uneasy, they need a compassionate voice to soothe their fears about the dentist, not make them worse. A good children’s dentist can help.

#5: Approachable

A children’s dentist that isn’t approachable will make a child more uneasy about going to the dentist. A dentist that caters to children should be approachable by both the patient (the child) as well as their parents.

#6: Engaging

A fun and engaging children’s dentist will make sure that the child looks at dental hygiene in a new way – as something fun that is also good for your health, something important and worth their time. Being engaging is a quality that every children’s dentist should have.

#7: Knowledgeable

It’s not just a children’s dentist that should be knowledgeable but every dentist. You should be comfortable with the knowledge your dentist has in treating you and with the knowledge they provide you in taking care of your dental health.

These 7 qualities that every children’s dentist should have are not only important but essential if you are looking for a new dentist for your child.

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