What Makes a Children’s Dentist Special?

While there are many family dentists available, a children’s dentist offers an environment that is specifically designed for young patients. Finding a children’s dentist to care for your child’s smile can make a difference in the quality of care they receive and their comfort level when they need dental care. Here is what makes a pediatric dentist special and why you should choose one for your child’s oral care.

Specialized Education and Training

A pediatric or children’s dentist receive additional education and training beyond general dental care. As a specialty dentist, they receive two or more years of training on children’s oral care after dental school. This gives them a better understanding of the special oral health needs of children, from infants receiving their first teeth through the teens years when they receive their final molars.

Part of training to be a children’s dentist is helping parents with infants best protect their child’s teeth as they first come in. Many general dentists do not accept infants and toddlers as patients, where a pediatric dentist can care for the dental needs of all children. Their specialized training gives them the skills they need to care for the important first teeth a child receives and help parents learn how best to protect their children’s smiles.

Why You Should Choose a Children’s Dentist

Beyond the additional training on caring for the specific dental needs of kids, a children’s dentist also is best suited for making children feel comfortable while at the dentist. When choosing a dentist for your kids, you want to find a professional that loves kids and will make them feel comfortable during their visits for dental care. A pediatric dentist has chosen to work primarily with children and understands how best to make them feel safe and comfortable when they are in the dental chair. This can go a long way in ensuring your child does not fear the dentist or grow up with dental anxiety that can prevent them from getting the oral care they need.

Just like choosing a pediatrician for your child’s overall healthcare, a children’s dentist is best equipped to care for your child’s dental needs. You want the best professional for the job, and when it comes to oral health, a pediatric dentist has the best training, education and tools to care for your child’s smile.

At Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry, we have designed our practice around caring for children’s beautiful smiles. Dr. Khan and the rest of our team love working with children and providing them with excellent care for their teeth and gums. If you are looking for a friendly, quality children’s dentist in Houston, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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