What to Do if Your Child Chips a Tooth

Kids aren’t always careful when they play. If your child’s game leads to a chipped tooth, it can be an alarming experience for both of you. However, this injury is common and can be treated by a pediatric dentist. In this article, we’ll discuss what to do (and who to call) if your child chips a tooth.

Don’t Panic

Even though chipping a tooth can be traumatic, this injury is treatable. Staying calm will ensure that your child stays calm, which will allow you to assess the situation and determine how the indecent happened. If your child is calm, you will also be able to easily look inside their mouth to properly see the chip so you can explain the injury over the phone to your dentist.

Take Proper Care

Gently brush away any debris that your child may swallow, but avoid touching your child’s mouth excessively. Your dentist will be able to thoroughly examine the site to check for further injuries. If you can find the tooth fragment, bring it along with you to the dentist.

Call the Right Dentist

A pediatric dentist that specializes in emergency care is the best person to call when your child chips a tooth. Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry offers emergency services just for kids. Call us at 832-300-8444 to talk with someone about your child’s injury.


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