What To Expect In A Dental Appointment – It Is Not As Scary As It Sounds.

Many kids have to skip school due to some dental issues. They usually have to skip school for a regular dental checkup. No-one can keep a kid away from sugary and sticky treats; we can only try our best. However, do you know what can be more challenging than keeping your child away from candies? To get your child to visit a dentist. However, knowing what to expect in a dental appointment can ease the challenge a bit.

The Use Of Scalers:

Every time we eat something, food debris gets stuck in our teeth’s ridges. Such residues are the breeding ground of plaque bacteria. Your kid can remove plaque through thorough brushing. However, even after careful and diligent brushing, some plaque gets left behind. Later, the remaining plaque accumulates and hardens into tartar. This is an issue because tartar cannot be solely removed by brushing.
In an appointment, the dental hygienist uses a unique instrument called a scalar to remove stubborn tartar. A scalar’s bristles are stiffer than those of a toothbrush. The tool has sharp edges to help clean the crevices between the teeth. Furthermore, there is an electrical version of the scaler that sprays water on the teeth for better cleaning.

Followed By Dental Suction:

The rigorous cleaning through the scalar leaves behind a lot of mess on the surface of the teeth. Hence, after spraying water using an electrical scaler, the hygienist places a long tube in the mouth. The tube creates a suction, sucking in all the mess created from the previous procedure. Thus, this action cleans the teeth and gets them ready for the next process.

Polishing The Teeth:

Now the hygienist takes out the electrical polisher. Using a polishing paste, the hygienist brightens the teeth.

Normal Brushing:

After winding up all the above dental procedures, the hygienist uses the most common cleaning tools: toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. The brushing marks the end of all the dental cleaning procedures. Now the teeth are clean, polished, and smooth.

One Last Step:

Before you and your child are on your merry way home, one procedure remains: the dental x-ray. Through the dental x-ray, the hygienist checks the presence of any undetected cavities or abnormalities. If the x-ray comes clear, you and your child are good to go!

The Parting Gift:

Before you depart from the dentist’s office, your dentist might gift your child a toothbrush, flavored toothpaste, and floss. They may even have toys for your son or daughter!


By the end of the appointment, your kid’s teeth will be super clean. Now, to maintain optimum oral hygiene, they must brush at least twice a day.
It is imperative to visit a dental office at least twice a year. Visiting your dentist allows them to detect any cavities or oral diseases before they can worsen. Hence, the dentist will take appropriate actions and suggest preventive measures to stop any oral problem in its track. A regular dental checkup is a comfortable and even fun procedure, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

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