When does my child need an emergency tooth removal?

Pulling a tooth may be a scary experience for many children, but it is sometimes necessary. Naturally, temporary teeth loosen and come out, giving place to permanent ones at the right age. However, in a few situations, few teeth need emergency tooth removal. Such cases can be many like in case of severe tooth decay and broken or fractured tooth. A pediatric dentist will only extract the teeth if it is the only option.

When to contact an emergency dentist? 

Children play and fight all day; hence they do hurt themselves, including their teeth. If a child comes with a broken tooth or bleeding gums, contact the emergency dentist immediately. It is also essential for the parent to stay calm and not create a panic that scares the child.

Temporary relief before emergency tooth removal

Before reaching the clinic, using an ice pack will reduce the swelling and bleeding, if any. Ice is good and will temporarily soothe the area. Once at the clinic, your pediatric dentist will take care of the situation. Emergency tooth removal is usually of two types; one is with local anesthesia; however, the other complicated procedure needs sedation.

Two types of removal process

In the simple tooth removal process, the tooth is visible on the gum line. The complicated procedure of teeth removal uses nitrous oxide or other IV sedation. The dentist suggests the best ways. When it comes to children, the pediatric dentist knows how to handle them by ensuring the treatment does not scare and cause anxiety in them.

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Hence, after the procedure, the child has to follow the dental suggestions to heal quickly. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist for emergency tooth removal, contact the team at Kids 4Ever. We are a specialized pediatric dentist and glad to solve your child’s dental issues. Call us at 832-300-8444 .

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