Wisdom Tooth Biting Into Your Cheek? Here’s What To Do!

Have you ever woken up after a perfect night’s sleep, only to open your mouth and realize the insides of your cheeks are all bloodied and scratched up? Don’t worry! Usually, when wisdom teeth sprout, the severe pain gives it away. If not, the stiffness or other leading issues can stand out to highlight them. The cause of your battered mouth, then, could be because of a lone wisdom tooth cutting into your cheek.

Wisdom teeth have a long history. Our ancestors used to have really wide jaws, which allowed their mouths to fit in quite a good number of teeth. For them, the multiple sets of molars helped them to chew through their extreme diet and intake. However, over the course of time — not to mention evolution, our jaws have shrunk in size. Thus, we no longer need the extra pair of molars sticking out, yet they refuse to stop developing. But that’s okay because there are various ways to take caution when your wisdom tooth erupts in your teenage years.

Reasons Why Your Wisdom Tooth Is Cutting Into Cheek

Like us, our wisdom teeth come in all shapes and sizes. Some are wide, some narrow, and in a few other cases, they tend to come out upside down, as well as sideways!

Although it might be helpful for people with a wide-set jaw, wisdom teeth can be very painful for the rest of the population, especially when they’re coming out wrong.

Moreover, the process of a wisdom tooth biting into your cheek could be the direct result of Impaction. Impaction is when a wisdom tooth affects the surrounding area due to less gum space. To list here are a few reasons why your wisdom tooth might be poking its way into your cheek:

  • Small Jaw Structure
  • Overcrowded Teeth
  • Wisdom tooth coming in sideways
  • Irregular Jaw
  • Inner Cheek Swelling

Prevention Tips:

If you’re tired of closing your mouth every now and then, only to have the inside of your cheek
brush against the pointy edge of the tooth, then take a look below. We’ve compiled a list of ways
you and your cheek can catch a much-needed break.

  • Call a Dentist to seek advice
  • Take over-the-counter pain relief medication
  • Use hot water compress
  • Book an appointment for Teeth Contouring
  • Gargle with salt + warm water
  • Get your teeth professionally polished
  • Schedule a Tooth Extraction surgery


To conclude, when your wisdom teeth start to protrude, it can be an extremely uncomfortable experience. You can try to go through ways to either minimize the pain or completely get it taken out. That’s why in most cases, it is advised to remove your wisdom teeth right when they sprout. Just follow some of the steps mentioned above, and you can find a way to ease your pain in no time! No more pesky wisdom tooth cutting into your cheek. For more information, visit Kids 4 Ever or simply dial 832-300-8444. Call your dentist today and get an evaluation to maintain a healthy and balanced oral hygiene.

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