You Will Not Expect These Four Reasons to Be the Cause for Swelling in Your Baby’s Gums

If your baby’s gums are swollen, it can be due to teething, improper oral hygiene, gingivitis, and vitamin deficiencies/malnutrition. It is better to be aware of the reason in case it signifies an issue that needs immediate dental attention. Thus, if you have noticed that your baby’s gums look red and swollen, we will tell you why.

4 Reasons Why Your Baby’s Gums Look Swollen

How to tell if a baby’s gums are swollen? If you notice puffiness in your child’s gums, it can be swelling. Many times redness, tenderness, and pain accompany swelling in gums. Thus, if you have noticed that your baby’s gums look swollen, these four reasons might be why:

1. Teething
The most common cause of swollen gums in toddlers is teething. If you have noticed swelling in a few places where a tooth might be about to erupt, it can be due to teething. You will notice swelling, tenderness, and inflammation. These are the natural occurrences when your child starts growing teeth. Just make sure to care for your kid’s dental health by gently brushing their teeth and gums twice a day.

2. Bacteria Buildup
It is vital to pay attention to your child’s oral health. Not brushing their teeth can allow bacteria to grow in their mouth, including their gums. As a result, they will experience inflammation and irritation in their gums. Ideally, you should brush your toddler’s teeth twice a day, morning and before bed. To prevent bacteria and plaque buildup in their mouth, avoid feeding them after brushing. Moreover, don’t put them to sleep with a bottle. Even better would be to avoid giving them sugary foods and beverages.

3. Gum Disease
Poor oral hygiene can develop gum disease in your children. If your baby’s gums look swollen, it can be a symptom of gingivitis. It is a minor stage of gum disease, a bacterial infection, and a consequence of plaque and tartar growth in the mouth. Gingivitis can lead to severe damage if left untreated. However, it is possible to reverse it if detected in the early stages. Coupled with maintaining oral hygiene at home, a deep cleaning by your pediatric dentist will help restore your baby’s oral health.

If you think your 1-year-old’s or toddler’s gums look swollen and suspect gum disease, consult your dentist.

4. Vitamin Deficiencies
Your child’s food intake narrows the chances of malnutrition being the cause of swollen gums. Breastmilk, formula, and the majority of baby food contain vitamins. Nevertheless, it is still possible for a child to develop vitamin deficiencies. Thus, if your 2-year-old baby’s gums are swollen, you need to check if their diet is rich in vitamins B and C. Ask your pediatrician for suggestions and consultation regarding your child’s diet.

What is the Takeaway?

In conclusion, a baby’s gums can be swollen for 4 reasons. Being familiar with the reason will help you understand how to treat swollen gums in toddlers. If you think that the cause can be severe, it is always advised to consult your pediatric dentist. Our friendly team at Kids 4 Ever Pediatric Dentistry is just a call away at 832-300-8444.

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