Why are young people the largest threat towards elders during this pandemic?

Many of us have, unfortunately, lost our jobs. Many of us have been forced to stay at home due to the risk of contracting the Coronavirus. However, many of us have gotten lucky enough to either not have our state shutdown or we have been blessed with an amazing employer who is allowing us to keep our job. Whatever the case, many of us will need to leave the house, interact with people, and participate in different activities that could potentially cause us to acquire the deadly virus. Of course, the bright side of this is that young people are less likely to be affected by the virus as they have stronger immune systems. What is the problem then? If they do touch someone or something and get the virus, it is possible that they bring the virus home, potentially allowing the virus to spread to other places, and worst of all, onto our elders.

Here are a few reasons why this is a serious issue:

  1. Young people may not show symptoms but can still carry the virus
  • While you may not show any signs of the virus, you could potentially be a carrier. Coming home, you could accidentally hug your loved ones, and if they are elders, there is a higher chance that the virus gets into them and affects them more. Since they have weaker immune systems, it is much harder to recover and unfortunately, it is the older generation that has faced the most deaths during this time of crisis. Ensure that you wash your hands once you get home, as that will decrease the chance of allowing the virus to affect your elders, who should not have to deal with such a dreadful virus.2.  There is a shortage of ventilators in many states in the U.S.
  • As we have seen, many states are falling short of ventilators; the number one thing that has helped most Corona patients recover from this virus. If young people do not take this seriously, we will have more elders going to the hospitals, when we are already running on a shortage of them. In order to avoid this and help decrease the issue, young people can make it a habit to wash their hands whenever they go anywhere, and they can make sure they do not interact with their elders if there not be a need.

While these may seem like minor issues, many have not followed rules and regulations and have had to see their loved ones pass away. Let’s help our elders to not have to suffer through this virus by ensuring we wear masks and gloves, and that we get ourselves checked up if we even have the slightest feeling of being infected.

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